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A Place Of Need

Acknowledging your needs doesn’t make you needy...

The thing you thought you needed was something you wanted. Instead of asking Jesus to remove or take away something you no longer want, ask him to exchange it for his power. Once you asked complete the sentence by acknowledging God’s role in it. It’s certain things you can handle and it’s certain things only God can handle. It’s not your responsibility to go back & search to get what you needed from that person, place or thing. You don’t have to stay empty in the place that is lacking your needs, It’s your responsibility to find that need in God. Your experience isn’t going to change but your void will be filled. Acknowledging your needs doesn’t make you needy. Live in the awareness to stay connected to God. He is your everyday need. Just because you train yourself to live without it doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Just because you didn’t get what you need from where you wanted it doesn’t mean you can’t get access to it. I repeat, acknowledging your needs doesn’t make you needy. God will give you fullness from a place you once found lost. 

Sarah Jakes Robert 

A place of need 

Mark 10:46-52

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