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Don’t forget to live

Don’t make your life about the pandemic, make life through the pandemic


Evaluation Sunday Blog

Winning is surviving; When you overcome something it is a process not a destination— There is victory in the process. Winning may not look pretty, but allow hope to arise in you. God brings us into things that birth greatness, so follow the light. There is a beginning (easiest experience), middle (hardest experience) , and end (new experience) in a tunnel. Don’t allow this season to overshadow you. Don’t make your life about the pandemic, make life through the pandemic. Remember who God is. Don’t worship the problem, worship your purpose! You are birthing something in the middle of this pandemic. To do this pandemic right you have to reflect on self, God, service and purpose. When you live in your truth you recognize what is for you and what isn’t. Don’t let ego & pride keep you in the struggle. You need to understand every disruption brings out a new gift. That gift of disruption is a a power of a new thought. Doing this pandemic right requires you stop trying to make it and live it. Ask yourself who gave you permission to stop living? Life has rhythm & cycles, so don’t grow weary in well doing. The cycle is developing and increasing. This is seed time, you have been planted. Allow your seed to reap what you sow. Sow relentlessly and build in your purpose. Don’t stop your life & don’t forget to live. 

Don't Forget To Live - Touré Roberts


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