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So then I had to learn, okay it happened but do I accept it


Why is it so hard to be? Man when thinking about the present of being I realized it’s easier to be when things are in your favor. It’s when being isn’t in your favor that challenges arise. In my last vulnerability session ‘What to do with emotions you do not understand’ on IG I talked about the definition of be; the meaning is to exist. Yes that’s all. But I questioned my being when I’m struggling, when I’m not in control, when it hurts, when it’s not fair, when I don’t know, the question is why? Honestly, what’s done is done. So then I had to learn, okay it happened but do I accept it. Whewwww my sister pointed out yeah that might’ve happened, you might feel okay, but sometimes those emotions haven't been accepted. Y’all that unlocked a new level for me. In this case the best definition to fit acceptance is the ‘willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation’. Willingness awwww nawww bro, ummm God I’m going to need your type of outlooks. To be willing on something you aren’t comfortable with, is so uncomfortable and uncomfortable on top of that. I asked God what acceptance looks like and He said patience. See now God patience that’s a lot. He said remember being is to exist and in order to exist you have to be willing to accept what it is. Drops mic 🎤 Give yourself time you deserve that.

Cadedra Burks


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