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5 Ways to Try 2023

Wassup 2023 try me, I’m equipped with the care


Are you tired of making excuses?

Are you tired of lacking confidence?

Are you tired of your limiting beliefs?

Mannn I’m on ‘God’s will’ mode where I’m walking in pure confidence of who I am for sure, whose I am for sure and what I’m called to do for sure. Chileee I learned in order to walk in God’s will, I had to be willing to accept, assess, affirm and aspire my truth (Soothing My Soul Self Care Workshop #4)

That’s where my excuses became executions 

Instead of feeling defeat when an issue arises from an excuse, I look at it as determination. Determination to be intentional about my needs, feelings, values, triggers & regimen (Starters Self Care Workshop #1)

I’m telling 2023 to try me because I’m equipped with the armor of God.I’m equipped to show up fully, with the good & bad 

What’s the purpose of doing the work if we gon keep shadowing our process? Navigating life is about understanding, processing and reflecting on your choices, changes, consumptions, challenges and circumstances (Minding My Business Self Care Workshop #2)

My truth taught me I had no control of my childhood experiences but I have control on how to navigate my life moving forward. When you are conscious of life, it flows with the beauty of stillness, sacrifice and substance (Spiritual Warfare Self Care Workshop #5). What’s done is done. You don’t need to know it all, you just have to know what is needed to make a step, change, decision. That CHOICE will change your perspective from limited beliefs to latitude beliefs 


The sky's the limit, cater to the desires of your image, nutrition, movement and rest to show up present (B.O.D.Y Self Care Workshop #3). When you choose to focus on what you are doing, the present allows you to birth the NOW and FUTURE. The now is so priceless, unless you are paying the price by not taking care of yourself 

Join the Self Care Lifestyle Academy to gain tools to trust the truth in your transformation. Birth the beauty in transparency to slay excuses, limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence when you choose self care 

Wassup 2023 try me, I’m equipped with the care I need to do what’s necessary for me 

Cadedra Burks 

5 Ways to Try 2023

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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