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5 ways to cope with a trigger

Self sabotage sneaks in when we aren’t aware


🎶 You muhfuckin' right

You muhfuckin' right, I'm bitter

You muhfuckin' right, I'm triggered

You muhfuckin' right, I 🎶

Jhene Aiko hit us with the bars in those lyrics and I can’t help but to think how triggers can show up as they are…

A deeply disturbing event (Trauma) can shift who we are if we aren’t aware of them, conscious of them, self regulation of them 

Them can be a person, place or thing 

Or shiddd a thought, feeling or outlook 

I’m learning the awareness of trigger warnings + trigger spaces + trigger cycles and trigger coping mechanisms 

Trigger warnings is the sirens

Trigger spaces is the fire truck 

Trigger cycle is the drive 

Trigger coping mechanism is the things that put out the fire 


I’m learning that I have no control of the sirens, but it’s a warning. I have no control of the truck but it’s a natural emotion

I have control of the cycle and ways to cope with it but the key is knowing the what, when, where, how & why so I can know how to self soothe for my greater good; baby get into those 5 ways to cope with a trigger 

Self sabotage sneaks in when we aren’t aware and when we don’t have a system of care 

Sure you will make mistakes, have flaws or experience a cycle more than once 

But you can deal with it by knowing how it deals with you 

Choosing to be intentional is a self care lifestyle 

Sign up for the Starters Self Care Workshop to get deeper tips and tools on how to be so aware of self that you can take care of self 

Cadedra Burks 

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5 ways to cope with a trigger


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