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3 Ways To Self Love

I want to shift our perspective on receiving S.E.L.F


Loveeeeeeeee never knew what I was missing but ever since… Come on Keyshia Cole, lol by now y’all know I love a good sound bite. But baby it’s February and we got the celebration of culture and how we build this country. Plus Valentine’s Day, the love we give and receive on display 

As women we give and give and give and give 

But we often don’t receive and receive and receive 

I want to shift our perspective on receiving S.E.L.F; S(oothe) (E)xpressions  of L(ove) to the F(ullest). Baby some of us are like chileee what? When it comes to receiving, I want you to become more aware of self to love you better. I want you to do that by identifying your current acts of expression, identity of expressions and feelings of expression 

  1. Acts of expression are outlets to hear yourself. So how do you like to express yourself? Examples: Dance, Write, Sing, Act, Draw, Paint, Read, In Nature etc.

  2. Identity of expressions are traits that describe your character. What are your top five character traits or what character traits need improving? Honest, loyal, hardworking, sensitive etc.

  3. Feelings of expression are the language to our emotions. How are you feeling now and why?

Loving ourselves to the fullest is being able to 

  • Mind our business 

  • Soothe our soul 

  • B.eautiful O.pportunity to D.o Y.ou Care

  • Spiritual Connection 

It’s embracing the now by accepting, assessing, affirming and aspiring that girl. That girl is you. Embrace that girl now in love

You are all, you are loved, you are enough, you’re worthy, you’re trying, you’re human, you’re a woman, you are…

Take it in and take yourself out on a date to receive it and tag me in it @selfcarelifestyle

Cadedra Burks 

Evaluation Sunday Blog

3 Ways To Self Love


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