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Cadedra Burks is a woman who found self care as a lifestyle to turn childhood traumas to adulthood triumphs!

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My Story

Cadedra Burks is a black woman of wellness who leads as a Self Care Coach, Educator, Storyteller and Blogger.


Cadedra dream has always been to model the mentor she always wanted. She is a product of these labels,
single parent household, toxic relationships, sexual abuse & harassment, poverty, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual instability, homelessness, family cycle of drugs/alcohol abuse, systemic racism but they don’t define her they made her who she is. Her journey of self care started to become more than a thing, it was a lifestyle.

Cadedra now identifies herself as a woman whose soul is wellness, whose energy is uplifting, whose personality is humorous, whose heart is healing, whose smile is nurturing and whose ambition is empowering. Her self awareness comes from my ability to continuously educate herself. Her self love comes from my ability to take care of herself. Her self worth comes from my ability to find humility in her traumas. She chose a Self Care Lifestyle path and she wants you to join her as your Self Care Coach. 
Self Care Lifestyle is her business that is a reflection of her voice, her journey and her lifestyle that coaches women and community with toolkits of the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit to trigger who they were, teach who they are and transform who they want to be
She has a BS Psychology degree and years of experience in mentoring, youth/adult development, program & case management/directing, herbal education, educating wellness workshops, mental health and everyday life skills


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Offers women the tools and confidence to self care to self reflect to become the best version of themselves daily.


  • Education: Educate self awareness, self love and self worth and value

  • Engagement: Engage with partnerships and communities to strengthen the wellness impact

  • Empowerment: Empower effective tools, and tips for the Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit Wellbeing 


To empower women become a source of self awareness, self love and self worth & value.

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